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Free World Championship Table Tennis Videos

By April 3, 2008

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I checked out the ITTF's itTV collection of free table tennis videos back when it was first introduced a year or two ago, and was less than impressed at the time. Technical difficulties with the ITTF website led to choppy videos (if they started playing at all!) I wrote it off as a waste of time back then, and hadn't been back since.

But today I was visiting the ITTF website, and in my desperation to quickly get away from the noisy ad on their splash page, I accidentally clicked on the itTV link, and was pleasantly surprised. I was presented with a list of 4 tabs, each of which gave me access to a number of free videos from the recent 2008 World Team Table Tennis Championships. Intrigued, I decided to check out a couple of videos, and spent a while browsing through what was on offer.

I'm much more pleased with the itTV setup these days - it has a number of good points, such as a wide choice of videos available, a fairly reasonable viewing quality (although not of Reflex Sports Table Tennis DVDs quality, of course!) and the ability to go to a full screen version. I have a fairly fast Internet connection, and the video was playing without any choppiness, which was good too.

That doesn't mean I don't have a couple of minor quibbles though - it would be nice to have the ability to drag the viewing area to a size of my choice, instead of just having the default size and a full screen version. Plus the ability to save the videos would be great, so that I don't have to download every time I want to watch the same video. And finally, I would like to see a file size added to the details for each video, so I could know just how much of my download allowance I'm using watching them. But as I said, these are minor issues really.

I'm not sure how well the itTV service runs at dial-up speeds, but it's probably worth a try. For those of you out there with faster Internet access and a hankering to watch the world's best table tennis players in action, hop across to the ITTF website and indulge yourself. Now excuse me, I've got some matches of Joo Se Hyuk waiting...

ITTF logo by courtesy of the ITTF


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