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Beginner's Guide to Table Tennis/ Ping-Pong - About.com
New to table tennis / ping-pong? Get started the right way with expert advice on what equipment you will need, how to play the basic strokes, choosing your first ...
10 Mistakes Made by Table Tennis/ Ping-Pong Beginners
Find out about the most common ten mistakes made by table tennis ... I'd recommend starting and sticking with one of the conventional ping-pong grips. Ads.
Best Beginner Blades - Table Tennis - About.com
The top ten table tennis blades for beginners, as recommended by the About.com Table Tennis/ ... So I put the question of "What is a good beginner blade?
Table Tennis for Beginners - Ping-Pong Basic Concepts
Once you start to understand about the importance of spin, you are ready to look at the basic strokes used in table tennis , and how to put them together to play ...
Table Tennis: Lessons for Beginner through Advanced
Learn to play the Olympic sport of table tennis with these table tennis tutorials and how to's for ping-pong beginners and advanced table tennis players.
Best Beginner Ping-Pong Rubbers - Table Tennis - About.com
The top ten beginner ping-pong rubbers, as recommended by the About.com Table Tennis / Ping-Pong Forum. Find which ping-pong rubbers have stood the test ...
Table Tennis for Beginners - Putting Your Strokes Together
Learn how to improve your table tennis by putting your strokes together properly ... The decision for a beginner about whether to play a safe style to begin with, ...
Beginner's Guide to Table Tennis - Footwork - About.com
Learn about the basics of footwork in table tennis, including what makes good ... At the beginning, you can get away with poor footwork since it is not the most ...
Table Tennis (Ping-Pong) Rules: Racket, Net
Ping-pong is no different, and sometimes it is even harder due to the constant rule changes in some areas, such as the service rule. As a beginner, it's nice to be ...
Equipment Needed To Play Table Tennis/ Ping-Pong
I'll talk more about how to choose your first table tennis racket later, but for now ... Should New Players Start With Basement Ping-Pong or Serious Table Tennis?
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