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Beginner's Guide to Table Tennis/ Ping-Pong
Welcome to the sport of table tennis (or ping-pong, as it is known in ... From it's humble beginning as a Victorian England parlour game, through to the ...
10 Mistakes Made by Table Tennis/ Ping-Pong Beginners
On the basis that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, I've put together my list of the 10 most common mistakes made by new table tennis players.
Table Tennis for Beginners - Putting Your Strokes Together
Learn how to improve your table tennis by putting your strokes together properly during rallies.
Table Tennis Training for Beginners - About.com
Get expert advice on how to begin training for table tennis. ... Make sure that you have a warm up period before beginning training, to give your body a chance to ...
Table Tennis: Lessons for Beginner through Advanced
Learn to play the Olympic sport of table tennis with these table tennis tutorials and how to's for ping-pong beginners and advanced table tennis players.
Backhand Chop Against Loop - Table Tennis - About.com
Table Tennis/ Ping-Pong Basic Strokes - Backhand Chop Against Loop. By Greg Letts ... Photo of Backhand Chop vs Loop - Beginning of Stroke - (c) 2006 Greg.
Backhand Loop Return of Serve - Step 5 - Table Tennis - About.com
Table Tennis/ Ping-Pong Basic Strokes - Backhand Loop Return of Serve ... The player is now beginning his forward swing to make contact with the ball.
Get More Spin on Your Table Tennis or Ping Pong Serves
Greg Letts, your About.com Table Tennis / Ping-Pong Guide, explains how to get ... It's common for beginning ping-pong players to flick the wrist in a different ...
Table Tennis Basic Strokes - The Forehand Push
Beginning of Backswing. Photo of Forehand Push - Beginning of Backswing - (c) 2006 Greg Letts,. Beginning of Backswing.
Beginner's Guide to Table Tennis - Footwork
Learn about the basics of footwork in table tennis, including what makes good ... At the beginning, you can get away with poor footwork since it is not the most ...
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