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Beginner's Guide to Table Tennis - Learn to Play Table Tennis
New to table tennis? Need some help? This Beginner's Guide to Table Tennis covers everything you need to know to get started the right way. Learn about the  ...
Learn to Play Table Tennis: Lessons for Beginner through Advanced ...
Pictures say a thousand words, especially when you're trying to learn a sport that is both a simple and as complex as table tennis! Try these step-by-step pictorial ...
Fastest Way to Learn a New Table Tennis Skill
Why do many Chinese table tennis coaches insist on their students learning one stroke at a time? Is there a scientific reason behind it? As it turns out, science ...
Can You Learn How to Play Table Tennis By Watching Other Players?
After all, you want to learn the best way to perform a table tennis stroke - not the worst! Having an excellent role model to watch and copy is a much better and ...
Learning To Serve in Table Tennis - Mastering a Ping-Pong Serve
About.com Table Tennis/Ping-Pong Guide Greg Letts investigates exactly how long it takes to learn a new serve in table tennis.
Learn to Loop - Table Tennis - About.com
Learn how to play the loop stroke in table tennis. Videos and explanations of how to learn to topspin loop in ping-pong.
How to Play the Basic Strokes - Table Tennis/ Ping-Pong
How to Play the Basic Strokes of Table Tennis/ Ping-Pong - a guide with photos and explanations. Learn about serving and returning serve, counterhitting, ...
Training By Yourself in Table Tennis/Ping-Pong
Learn how to improve your table tennis game when you don't have a ping-pong partner available to practice with.
10 Mistakes Made by Table Tennis/ Ping-Pong Beginners
Take it from me - even if you are only planning to play for fun at home, a lesson or two for the family from a table tennis coach will help you learn the basic strokes ...
Beginner's Guide to Table Tennis/ Ping-Pong - About.com
Welcome to the sport of table tennis (or ping-pong, as it is known in ... Learn a little more about the origins and development of the sport, right up to the latest ...
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