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Basement Ping-Pong Backhand Drive vs Topspin


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Photo of Basement Ping-Pong Backhand Drive vs Topspin - Return to Ready Position

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The player has returned to his ready position before the next stroke.

Points to look for:

  • The player has shifted his body weight back to a central position.
  • It is worth comparing this sequence of photographs with those for the backhand counterhit - you will notice the difference in the positioning of the racket at the end of the backswing, and the direction of the forward swing, which has a slightly more upwards motion. The size of the backswing is also much bigger for the drive, which is achieved by the player dropping his elbow and forearm more, and bringing them further back, while leaning forward a little more to give himself room for the backswing.
  • Since the player is playing against a robot which is sending the ball to a fixed location, he is recovering with his racket in a backhand oriented ready position. Against a human opponent he would tend to recover with his racket pointing towards the ball more, because he would not be as sure about where his opponent would send the ball. He would only recover to this position if he anticipated his opponent sending the ball to his backhand side.

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