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Basement Ping-Pong Forehand Push


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End of Follow Through
Photo of Basement Ping-Pong Forehand Push - End of Follow Through

End of Follow Through

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The follow-through has come to an end, and the ball is on its way over the net and into the opponent's half of the table.

Points to look for:

  • The player is now beginning to watch his opponent at the other end of the court, rather than the flight of the ball.
  • Notice how the player has maintained the slight open tilt of the racket throughout the stroke.
  • From this finish position, all the player has to do to complete his recovery before the next stroke is to straighten up his torso a little, thus raising his right shoulder, and move his racket a fraction to his right, so that he is equally ready for a forehand or backhand stroke. If the player left his racket in this position, he would be better prepared for a backhand than a forehand.

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