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Basement Ping-Pong Forehand Drive vs Topspin - Side View


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End of Follow Through
Photo of Basement Ping-Pong Forehand Drive vs Topspin - Side View - End of Follow Through

End of Follow Through

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The forward swing has come to an end, and the ball has crossed the net.

Points to look for:

  • The racket has finished a little over head height, and a little in front of the head.
  • The playing elbow has not gone above shoulder height.
  • The free arm is being used to balance the body.
  • The right heel is being lifted, as the player swivels his right foot from his toes.
  • The left foot is in mid air and being moved slightly backwards. This isn't really necessary for this stroke, but is more the result of the player's usual technique when playing a forehand loop.
  • Note that the player has finished his swing in a position where his body is balanced, so that recovery is easy. Better players finish balanced, while beginners often finish their strokes in an unbalanced state, either leaning to one side or the other, or with their playing arm held across their body.

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