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Basement Ping-Pong Backhand Counterhit - Side View


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Contact with the Ball
Side View Photo of Basement Ping-Pong Backhand Counterhit - Contact with the Ball

Contact with the Ball

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The player has made contact with the ball.

Points to look for:

  • The bat is still being swung mainly around the elbow, but it is possible to notice that the upper arm is lifting a little, by comparing the position of the elbow in previous photographs.
  • If the ball was compared to a clock face, the bat is going to make contact at a point roughly around the number 10, while the bat is moving forwards and upwards. Note that the angle of the bat remains fairly a little bit closed.
  • Contact has been made well out in front of the body, but at a distance where the ball can be comfortably reached, and before the player's natural arm motion begins to swing his arm to his right. If contact was made much further away from the player, he would find it very difficult to hit the ball straight, since the bat face would be turning to his right, making the player tend to hit the ball to his right as well.

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