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Table Tennis Basic Strokes - Backhand Loop Against Push - Front View


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Ready Position
Photo of Backhand Loop vs Push - Front View - Ready Position

Ready Position

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This tutorial is a companion to the backhand loop vs push - side view tutorial, but showing a front view instead. Rather than repeat much of the side view version, I'll just be pointing out items that are relevant to the front view.

Points to look for:

  • The player is currently facing the ball directly, with his shoulders fairly perpendicular to the ball, but with his right foot a little further back than his left foot (which allows a forehand to be played with little movement of the feet).
  • The player is expecting the ball to come to his backhand side, which is why his bat is tilted slightly in favor of the backhand stroke, and his racket is held slightly further towards his backhand side than a truly neutral ready position would require.

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