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Table Tennis Basic Strokes - The Backhand Push - Front View


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Return to Ready Position
Photo of Backhand Push - Front View - Return to Ready Position

Backhand Push - Front View - Return to Ready Position

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The player returns to his ready position before the next stroke.

Points to look for:

  • The player has finished pushing off his left leg, and is now back in his original ready position.
  • Since he knows the next ball is coming to his backhand side (he is performing a backhand push drill), he is being a bit lazy and neglecting to bring his racket all the way back into a true neutral position, where his bat would be around his right hip in terms of a left/right position, and the racket tip would be pointing almost parallel to the center line of the table. A good player would only recover to a position similar to that above if he could read the opponent's body language and was able to anticipate a return to his backhand side.

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