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Forehand Drop Shot Against a Chop - Table Tennis/ Ping-Pong Basic Strokes


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Ready Position
Photo of Forehand Drop Shot Against Chop - Ready Position

Ready Position

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The forehand drop shot against a chop is a handy stroke for all players to learn, for similar reasons to using a drop shot against a lob.

These include winning the point when your chopping opponent cannot get to your drop shot in time, as well as forcing weak returns from your opponent when he has to rush in to the table to reach the ball. Finally, an opponent who has to lunge for the ball will end up off-balance, and vulnerable to another hard attack.

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Points to look for:

  • The player is in the middle of a rally, having forced his opponent away from the table with a strong attack. His opponent has chopped the ball, and the player has decided the ball will land mid-table, short enough to play a drop shot, and that the opponent is expecting another attack and is moving further backwards, making a drop shot a good choice.
  • Currently the player is watching the ball, and has not yet committed to play any stroke. He could choose to play a smash, loop kill or drop shot at this point in time.

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