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Table Tennis Basic Strokes - Forehand Loop Against Push


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End of Follow Through
Photo of Forehand Loop vs Push - End of Follow Through

End of Follow Through

(c) 2006 Greg Letts, licensed to About.com, Inc.
The forward swing has come to an end, and the ball is on its way.

Points to look for:

  • The player is now watching his opponent at the other end of the court, rather than the flight of the ball.
  • The hips, waist and shoulders have completed turning back to the left.
  • The hips, waist and shoulders are a little higher than the original ready position.
  • The racket has moved a little more forward and further upwards. The tip of the racket is now pointing upwards, in what is called ‘the salute’.
  • The elbow of the playing arm is a little below shoulder level, and the bat has not crossed past the middle of the body. This helps to maintain balance and improve recovery time.
  • The free arm has continued to aid balance by moving in synch with the playing arm.
  • The player is currently airbourne, due to the amount of upward force generated during the swing. Some players tend to do this more than others.

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