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Xiom Stradivarius Table Tennis Blade Review

Is the Xiom Stradivarius a Masterpiece?


Forum member TheRealSkippy has kindly contributed this review of the Xiom Stradivarius table tennis blade. Thanks Skippy!

Weight: 83 grams
Thickness: 5.7 mm
Height: 15.7 cm
Width: 15.15 cm

Construction: Outer Plies thin Koto/Aramid Carbon/Kiri Core
Handle: Straight
Feel of Blade: Medium Hard
Throw: Medium/Medium Low

Recommended Rubbers: Medium to Soft rubbers with Medium Low to High throw. I didn't like the harder Chinese rubbers. Cole's Palio C top on Quatro sponge is fantastic on this blade.
Speed Class: This blade is labeled as OFF, but this is marginal as OFF-/OFF. Don't let anyone tell you this is the fastest blade in the world. They aren't right in the head!

Vibration: Slightly less than average woods.
Stiffness: Stiff in short game, and Flexy on strokes.
Durability: Jury is out on this one, but it looks to be a pretty durable blade. The outer plies are awfully thin, so I did seal mine, but I've hit the table a few times, and it held up perfectly.
Looks: It's a lovely blade, that looks really nice especially with the rubbers on.

Blade Surface: You can see the grain very well, and it has a nice finish even without my sealing.
Handle Thickness: A tad thinner than I like them to be, but it seems that Straight handles never get too ridiculously too small.
Intimidation Factor: This blade gives really nice stretch on the ball when you loop and drive.
Babe Attraction Factor: We're talking about table tennis which is not the most sexy sport in the world.

Balance: The balance of this blade with rubbers on is just a couple cm's above the handle.
Price: Not Cheap! $112.03 U.S.
Value/Performance: I don't feel robbed.

Xiom's Marketing Machine Says:
The blade of the Stradivarius Off is very elastic to generate a great amount of topspin. The residual vibration caused by the large deformation is immediately absorbed by the Aramid. The high elastic Carbon fibers catapult the ball back at high velocity. The unique feeling of the Stradivarius makes the ideal blade for both-side topspin attack close to the table. Hard Koto outer layers provide the compact feeling at impact for more precise control in on-table techniques.

Skippy's Nuggets:
This is an exceptional blade. I have had thoughts in every stage of this blade. Upon first sight there's nothing bad that can be said about this blade except possibly the head is a hair smaller than what I'm used to. Think Joola head in that it's a fairly compact egg shaped head. The quality of the construction of this blade was without question superb in every way. Even the packaging gave you the impression that quality actually mattered to Xiom.

The balance was very head light without rubbers. Once rubbers were on you could tell right away that the compact head did nice things for keeping the balance from becoming too head heavy. If you aggressively grip this blade it really transfers energy right into the ball. If you grip this blade passively it will really absorb the balls energy more so than most blades I have used. Meaning when I am driving, and looping the ball really moves quickly without loss of energy. When I get in trouble in a point and I have to defensively block this blade miraculously takes a ton of pace off the ball, so I can get back into the point.

This blade plays brilliantly over the table, and it plays fine away from the table, but if you hit the ball off center (out of the sweet spot) you will lose a lot of pace that you would normally get out of a full blown carbon blade. It's difficult for me to hit right in the sweet spot every shot when I'm well off the table, so I could see where people aren't impressed with the way this blade plays off the table.

The hard outer plies of Koto make it very stiff when playing in the short game. This I thought would be the part of the blade that I didn't like. I WAS SO WRONG! This makes the blade so stable, that my pushes, and chops are going exactly where I want them to all the time now. Despite the hard outer plies, because of the Aramid Carbon, and pretty thin construction it's nice and flexy when you are looping and driving which gives tremendous dwell time to really manipulate the ball with ease. I don't smash much so I'm not sure how it does at this, but the few times I did it I was able to put the points away just fine.

I have no regrets purchasing this blade. It's the finest blade I have ever hit with. It does everything well, and it will last a long time. The feel of the blade is great, and is very very high control for a pretty quick blade. The control of this blade is it's best overall feature. I gotta be honest this blade is so easy to control that I wouldn't hesitate for a moment to recommend this blade to anyone, even a relatively new player. This is a high performing blade that can easily be used by any player of any level.

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