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Table Tennis for Athletes with Disabilities

Find information about table tennis for disabled athletes.

ITTF Para Table Tennis
Homepage of International Paralympic Table Tennis. Competition calendar, tournament reports, news, interviews and a forum, among other things!

USA Disabled Athletes Table Tennis Website
Link to the USA Disabled Athletes Table Tennis website.

International Paralympic Committee (IPC)
The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) is the international governing body of sports for athletes with a disability. It supervises and co-ordinates the Paralympic Summer and Winter Games and other multi-disability competitions, eg, World Championships. The IPC also supports the recruitment and development of athletes at a local, national and international level across all performance levels.

U.S. Paralympics
U.S. Paralympics is a division of the United States Olympic Committee (USOC), formed in 2001 to increase support for Paralympic sport in the USA.

Australian Athletes with Disabilities Program
The Athletes with Disabilities section of the Table Tennis Australia website.

Australian Paralympic Committee
The Australian Paralympic Committee (APC) is the peak national body responsible for Australia’s elite athletes with a disability.

Swish Table Tennis
Swish is table tennis that has been modified for people who are blind or have low vision. Find out how William Henzell, Australia's number one table tennis player, stacks up against the best Australian Swish players!

Ibrahim Hamato: The Armless Table Tennis Player
Ibrahim Hamato is surely the most inspirational table tennis player ever, having taught himself how to play with his mouth after losing both arms.

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