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Get Advice About What to Buy and Where to Buy Table Tennis Equipment

Get information and advice about choosing your table tennis equipment. Learn about rubbers, blades, glue, tables, robots and more. Discover the best places to buy online or direct.
  1. Blades (14)
  2. Table Tennis Tables (15)
  3. Premade Paddles (6)
  4. Rubbers (28)
  5. Table Tennis Robots (23)
  6. Table Tennis Shoes (5)
  7. Table Tennis Nets (3)
  8. Speed Glue (6)
  9. Where to Buy Equipment (25)

Equipment Needed To Play Table Tennis
A comprehensive list of the equipment you will need to get started in Table Tennis

Choosing a Table Tennis Table
Advice and information about how to choose and buy the right table tennis table for you.

Choosing Your First Table Tennis Bat
Get some help in choosing your first serious table tennis bat.

Which Ping-Pong Paddle Should I Buy?
Looking to buy a new ping-pong paddle, with separate blade and rubbers? Then get some advice on what table tennis bat to buy from Greg Letts, the About.com Table Tennis / Ping-Pong Guide.

The Story Behind Your Table Tennis Bat
What's the story behind your table tennis bat? Share your photos and tell us about the ping-pong paddle that you use.

Table Tennis Rackets - Choosing Between Pre-Made and Custom Setups
Are you trying to decide whether to buy a pre-made table tennis bat from a sports store, or assemble a custom built racket? Guest author Alex Vanderklugt has some good advice on which choice is right for you.

When Should You Start Using Specialist Table Tennis Blades and Rubbers?
Wondering when you should start using specialist table tennis blades and ping-pong rubbers. Greg Letts, your About.com Guide to Table Tennis / Ping-Pong, discusses when a player should think about using specialist equipment.

Compression Leggings For Table Tennis - Do They Work?
Do compression leggings help you recover faster after playing table tennis?

Racket Cleaning in Table Tennis
Advice on how to clean your table tennis rubbers properly.

Protecting Your Ping-Pong Paddle - Looking After Your Table Tennis Racket
Learn how to extend the life of your ping-pong paddle by protecting it from dirt and damage.

Table Tennis - What a Balls-Up!
Lamenting the poor quality of table tennis balls these days, and recommending a few that are better than the rest.

Li-Ning Yellow Flame Dragon Competition Shirt Review
An in depth review of the Li-Ning Yellow Flame Dragon competition shirt from your guide to Table Tennis / Ping-Pong, Greg Letts.

Stiga Syncro BTG Glue
A review of Stiga's Syncro BTG water based table tennis glue.

Butterfly New Quick Glue Sheet
A comprehensive review of the table tennis New Quick glue sheets manufactured by Butterfly.

Are You An Table Tennis Equipment Junkie? The Top Ten Warning Signs
A humorous look at whether you might be a table tennis equipment junkie (EJ). Are you addicted to ping-pong purchasing?

Table Tennis Reviews
Reviews of table tennis equipment by Michael - "a competitive table tennis player and small-time champion".

How to Glue a Table Sponge Rubber with Water Based Glue
How to glue a table tennis sponge rubber with water based glue.

Radak Table Tennis Shirts
Reviews of the Radak Club Sports Polo Series and Radak Polo Control Series table tennis shirts from your Guide to Table Tennis / Ping-Pong, Greg Letts.

Radak Table Tennis Shirts
Reviews of the Radak Club Sports Polo Series and Radak Polo Control Series table tennis shirts from your Guide to Table Tennis / Ping-Pong, Greg Letts.

Table Tennis Bat Tips
Some quick tips on getting the most out of your table tennis bat, and looking after your ping-pong paddle.

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