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Radak Table Tennis Shirts


Photo of Radak table tennis shirts


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Back in October 2010, I was competing at the 2010 Australian Veteran's Championships when I saw some good-looking shirts being worn around the arena by my fellow competitors, bearing the logo of the tournament equipment supplier, Affordable Table Tennis. Since I often like to pick up a table tennis shirt as a reminder of a tournament when they appeal to me, I wandered up to the equipment booth and asked the owner, Robert Katsipis, if he had one in my size, and what was the price.

Robert and I were old Internet buddies from various table tennis forums around the place (including his own), and Rob was kind enough to give me a shirt for free, even printing a large double table tennis bat logo on the back!

Since then, this shirt (a Radak Club Sports Polo shirt - the bottom black and light blue shirt in the accompanying picture) has become my favorite table tennis shirt, even eclipsing my Li-Ning Chinese National Team shirt (which I also love but do feel a bit self-conscious about wearing, considering my standard compared against the Chinese Men's Team!). It's super comfortable, lightweight 100% Microfiber, so its cool in the Australian heat, dries fast, and is nice soft fabric too! It's the shirt I look for first in my cupboard when I'm about to head to a table tennis tournament. I didn't have to pay for mine, but at $25 Aus each it's hard to get better value for money.

I was talking to Robert at this year's Veteran's Championships while wearing this shirt, and I happened to mention that this was now my favorite one to wear. Robert immediately offered to send me one of his Radak Control Polo Series shirts to try out as well, and told me to visit his website when I got home to choose a color.

So last week, when I paid for some Grass D-Tecs OX long pips from Robert's website at Affordable Table Tennis to test out and review, I remembered Robert's kind offer and asked if Robert could send me the dark grey/light grey shirt to wear. Robert not only send me the shirt, he actually sent me another shirt in light grey and red trim, and was even kind enough to put my name on the back of each one! Plus he sent me an Air UpUpUpUp OX long pips rubber to try out for fun. Stay tuned for reviews of both these rubbers in the near future.

The Radak Control Polo shirts are similar to my favorite Sports Polo, but cut a little differently around the sleeves, as you can see in the photograph - the Control shirts are the two shirts at the top. I'd recommend taking one size larger in the Control Polo if you have big arms, since they are a fraction smaller in that area, and the XL version that I have are fairly tight fitting on my own 16" arms (not enough to annoy me, but I know some players prefer a loose sleeve). Again, these shirts are the same 100% Microfiber, so they are very comfortable to wear during a long days table tennis, and you can get them sweaty and hang them over a chair, knowing that they will dry quickly if you need to re-use them. Again, excellent value at $25 Aus.

So thanks again Robert, who sent me all this stuff just as a personal favor and because he's a good bloke, he never asked for a review. But he got one anyway, so it's just as well I really like these shirts! Cheers mate.

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