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Li-Ning Yellow Flame Dragon Competition Shirt Review

Flame On!


Photo of Ma Lin

Enter the Dragon...

Photo by Rémy Gros, by courtesy of the ITTF
The people at Megaspin.net have done it again, sending me a sample Li-Ning Yellow Flame Dragon competition shirt to try out. This is the shirt made famous by the Chinese Men's and Women's Teams, so when I heard a Li-Ning shirt was on the way, I had my fingers crossed that it would be this particular model, and I was not disappointed! After wearing this shirt several times, I'm ready to comment on how it stands up to actual use.


First of all, this is an eye-catching shirt. A bright scarlet with the yellow dragon running up from across the bottom to up the front right hand side and sleeve, it definitely stands out in a crowd! But unlike some other designs which are flashy but kind of ugly, this shirt is pleasing to the eye. I've already had a number of appreciative comments from my fellow players when I've worn this to competitions.


The material of the shirt is 100% polyester. It uses modern-day wicking technology to help transfer your sweat from the inside of the shirt to the outside, where it can dry faster. This system works pretty well, since the Li-Ning shirt stays a lot drier than my older shirts, and dries much faster in between games as well.

The sides of the shirt, from the armpit down to the bottom, are done using a mesh material, which allows for better breathability and heat dispersal.


This Li-Ning shirt is very comfortable to wear during competition. Not only do you stay drier, the material itself is pleasant on your skin, with no scratchy bits (such as labels or stitching) to irritate you. The fit is good - no sleeves that are too long or too tight - so you don't notice the shirt when you are playing, which is just how it should be.


I've worn this shirt a number of times now, and the stitching is holding up well - no loose threads so far. The colors in the shirt are also staying bright - I've washed it using ordinary settings in my washing machine and had no problems with colors running or fading.

Value For Money

This would probably be the most contentious issue with the Li-Ning shirt. The normal price for this shirt is around the US $70 mark, which isn't cheap. But it really is a nice shirt, so if money is not a consideration, you'd be getting a good shirt for your money. At the time of writing it is on sale for US $38.48, which would be pretty good value in anybody's book.


The Li-Ning Yellow Flame Dragon shirt has quickly become a favorite of mine. The only downside is I feel a little self-conscious wearing a Chinese team shirt, since my level of play isn't near that level, and you definitely get noticed! But for anybody wanting to attract attention and feel comfortable at the same time, this is the shirt for you.

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