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Butterfly New Quick Glue Sheet

Holy Sheet!

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Butterfly Glue Sheet

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Although most table tennis players use liquid glues to attach rubbers to blades, glue sheets can be very useful at times. I'll be examining the pros and cons of Butterfly's New Quick Glue Sheet in this review.


The price of these glue sheets is probably a little higher than I would like over here in Australia - around $4 US ($5 Australian) per sheet. Luckily for you Americans, the price per sheet is only around $1.95 US! The sheets aren't always reusable since they often stick to the rubber you are removing instead of the blade, so budget for using a sheet per new rubber.

Ease of Use

This is where the glue sheets really shine, especially when attaching long pimples without sponge. Trying to glue spongeless long pips with liquid glue is often an exercise in frustration, as it can be very difficult to get the rubber sheet on the blade without any bubbles under the surface (although if you follow the above link, you'll see a new method I've been told about which makes the process much easier). Plus the liquid glues sometimes make the long pimples crinkle up and tend to stick together, making the job even harder.

But with a glue sheet, gluing a long pimpled rubber onto the blade is fairly simple - just peel off the backing of the glue sheet and carefully smooth out the glue sheet on the blade. Then cut the glue sheet to fit the blade, and peel off the top sheet. Finally, put the rubber on the glue sheet, starting with the logo near the handle of the blade. Once that part is firmly attached, hold the rubber sheet so it is under a little tension, and lower the rest of the rubber on to the blade, pressing from the handle and working towards the tip of the blade. If any air pockets appear, than you can still lift the rubber sheet up and smooth down the rubber again, which is nice. It's hard to go wrong with this method.

Gluing a normal rubber with sponge is similar, but even easier, since the rubber is a bit firmer and doesn't flop around in your hand as much as long pimples with no sponge.


OK - this is the biggie, isn't it? Just how well do the Butterfly New Quick glue sheets play? Well, my answer is fairly typical - it depends.

When I have used the New Quick glue sheets to attach rubbers, they did a good job of holding the rubbers on the blade. Even when I have caught the edge of the rubber on the table, they tend to hold the rubber in place, and if the rubber lifted a little, it was simple enough to just press it back down with my fingers, and stuck back down in place. Very handy!

However, I didn't like the feel of my normal rubbers when using the glue sheets, in comparison to ordinary rubber glue (not speed glue, which would be a lot faster, of course). The rubbers felt a little deadened in comparison, with a little less zip, and the touch was a bit mushy - I think the glue sheet tends to dampen the vibration of the blade a bit. Contrary to the claims of Butterfly on the packaging, I couldn't say that the glue sheets helped my control of the ball - if anything I'd say a little the opposite, since my rubbers felt a little bit off.

But with my long pimpled rubber with no sponge, I couldn't feel any noticeable difference. I'm quite happily using these glue sheets under my current long pimples, with no ill effects whatsover.


So what's the verdict? For users of long pimples with no sponge, I'd say that the Butterfly New Quick Glue Sheets are a winner - a bit pricey in Australia maybe, but much easier to use to attach the rubber, and with no drop in feel or performance when playing. I'm going to continue using them for my own long pips with no sponge.

For normal sponge rubber users, I'd be more hesitant to recommend the use of these glue sheets. I didn't like the way they made my rubbers feel very much, but you may find differently. And since gluing normal rubbers with liquid glue is fairly easy anyway, I can't see that most players would really need these glue sheets. I'll stick to gluing my normal rubber with ordinary rubber glue, thanks all the same.

For speed glue users, don't even bother. There is no way on earth that these glue sheets are an alternative to speed glue, and to be fair, they don't claim to be.

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