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Step 1 - Apply Water Based Glue


Step 1 - Apply Water Based Glue

Step 1 - Apply Water Based Glue

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To get started, I first place the rubber on the blade and mark a dotted outline to give me a rough idea of where I need to apply the glue. I've done this for many years now because it saves me worrying about wasting glue on parts of the sponge that aren't going to be used, but you can just as easily skip that step and just cover the whole sponge with glue later on.

With the dotted outline marked as you can see in the photograph, I then put a small amount of glue in a zig-zag pattern on the sponge. The key here is not to use too much glue - since more glue does not mean that you get a firmer attachment. Use too much glue and all that will happen is that it will take forever to dry, and you'll be waiting around for longer. A little actually goes a pretty long way.

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