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Killerspin Centric Black Rubber View


Photo of Killerspin Centric ping-pong paddle

Killerspin Centric Black Rubber View

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Who I Would Recommend the Killerspin Centric To

Where I feel the Centric would shine is for those table tennis beginners who are thinking of getting serious about the sport. The Centric would allow these players to get a table tennis bat capable of good aggressive performance, with the ability to loop the ball quite satisfactorily, all without spending a fortune. If the player then changes his mind, he's only spent $20 or so, rather than $150. By the time the rubbers on the Centric wear out, the player will know whether he is willing to continue training, and he can purchase his first custom racket.

The Centric would also be great for clubs looking to buy a number of cheap paddles than can be lent to new visitors who want to play with a racket capable of reproducing the strokes the visitors would see advanced club players performing. A club can pick up 6 Centric rackets for $120-130, about the price of a normal entry level custom racket. Good value.


The Killerspin Centric is a fine premade ping-pong paddle, priced at very cheap level considering the performance it is capable of. That same performance makes it unsuitable for the typical ping-pong beginner, and as such I would only recommend the Centric to a new player who will be getting coaching lessons to help him control the racket, or to an established beginner level player who need a high performance budget paddle to use while he tests the waters of more serious play. It's not a suitable paddle for typical basement play, being far too overpowered to allow fun, relaxed family ping-pong.

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