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Table Tennis Basic Strokes - The Forehand No Spin Serve


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Contact With the Ball
Photo of Forehand No Spin Serve - Contact With the Ball

Contact With the Ball

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The player is about to contact the ball.

Points to look for:

  • The player is continuing to watch the ball.
  • As can be seen from the slight blurring of the bat, the bat is moving forwards and downwards to hit the ball, but is held more vertically than for the forehand backspin serve. The ball is contacted more solidly as well, causing much less backspin to be put on the ball.
  • Less wrist is used on this serve in comparison to the forehand backspin serve, which also helps reduce the amount of spin while keeping both serves looking alike.
  • The shoulders have begun to turn back towards the table, while the playing forearm is also moving towards the table.
  • The player has leant a little further forward to allow comfortable contact, but has not attempted to slide the bat under the ball during contact.

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