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Table Tennis/ Ping-Pong - Pendulum Backspin/ Sidespin Serve - Side View


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End of Follow Through
Photo of FH Pendulum Backspin/Sidespin Serve - End of Follow Through

End of Follow Through

(c) 2006 Greg Letts, licensed to About.com, Inc.
The ball has bounced on the table, and the player has finished his follow through.

Points to look for:

  • Note the depth of the bounce of the ball on the table. This is typical of a double bounce serve (where the ball will bounce twice on the opponent's side of the table if left untouched). It is very difficult to do a double bounce serve where the bounce on the server's side is close to the endline.
  • The left foot has finished pivoting, the right foot has lifted and the right leg is now moving towards the camera.

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