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Long Pimples and the Attacker


Style Summary:

Players of this type use the long pimples to attack with, giving their opponents a great deal of trouble with this unfamiliar type of attack.

How Long Pimples are Used:

In this attacking style, the long pimples are used to provide the player with a safe surface to roll the ball over the net with. The ball is not hit hard unless a smash is possible. The player is relying on the opponent's unfamiliarity with this type of attack, hoping that the opponent's timing and rhythm will be thrown off, resulting in mistakes.

The smooth side of the bat is used as occasional variation to keep the opponent off balance, and also to block back attacks to that side. Attacks to the long pimples are hit back in a flat stroke, which produces a 'chop-block' type of effect.


The attacking long pimple player needs to be willing to put up with negative comments from his opponents, who often cannot believe that they are being out-attacked by a long pimpled rubber! Good reflexes are also an advantage, as well as good serves to help set up the initial attack.

Level of Play:

You won't find many players of this type at any level (thank goodness!) They can create havoc at the intermediate level due to their uniqueness, and even advanced players can find this strange style takes a while to get used to. At the professional level though, this style simply does not have the weapons to compete with the power, speed and consistency of the top players.

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