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William Henzell's Personal Table Tennis Match Videos

Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!


Photo of William Henzell in Action

William Henzell in Action at the Australian Open

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William Henzell has been the dominant player in Australian men's table tennis since the turn of the century, and is currently ranked inside the world's top 150 players. I've played him a few times at the Australian Open and found out for myself just why he is so hard to beat - big topspins from both sides (especially the backhand) with an impressive short game as well! But despite the difference in our standards, William still took our matches seriously and treated me with the respect due to any opponent.

So when William asked me to advertise the fact that he has a number of personal videos up on YouTube that he shot while competing at pro competitions around the world, how could I say no? After all, I don't want him taking it out on me next time we play! And of course, it's fascinating to watch William take on the best in the world from a ringside seat.

So here are the first two of William's own match videos, and he has promised that there will be more on the way soon - when he can take a break from mixing it with the world's best.

William Henzell vs Kaii Yoshida - 2007 Austrian Open

William Henzell (WR 146) vs Koji Matsushita (WR 53) - 2007 Swedish Open (Round of 64)

6th December 2007
Another new video from William, from the 2007 Swedish Open.
William Henzell (WR 146) vs Vitaly Nekhvedovich (WR 221) - Games 1-3, Games 4-5 - (Knock-out match for main draw)

30th December 2007
2007 Swedish Open Round of 32 - William Henzell (WR 146) vs Wang Liqin (WR 3)

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