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Women's Singles - Olympic Games Table Tennis Medalists


Photo of Zhang Yining

Zhang Yining Savoring Her Gold Medal from 2004

Photo by Kazuyuki Takahashi, by courtesy of the ITTF
The gold, silver, and bronze Olympic medal winners in Women's Singles from Table Tennis at the Summer Olympic games.

  • 2008
    GOLD Zhang Yining (CHN)
    SILVER Wang Nan (CHN)
    BRONZE Guo Yue (CHN)

  • 2004
    GOLD Zhang Yining (CHN)
    SILVER Kim Hyang Mi (PRK)
    BRONZE Kim Kyung Ah (KOR)

  • 2000
    GOLD Wang Nan (CHN)
    SILVER Li Ju (CHN)
    BRONZE Chen Jing (TPE)

  • 1996
    GOLD Deng Yaping (CHN)
    SILVER Chen Jing (CHN)
    BRONZE Qiao Hong (CHN)

  • 1992
    GOLD Deng Yaping (CHN)
    SILVER Qiao Hong (CHN)
    BRONZE Hyun Jung Hwa (KOR), Li Bun Hui (PRK)

  • 1988
    GOLD Chen Jing (CHN)
    SILVER Li Huifen (CHN)
    BRONZE Jiao Zhimin (CHN)

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