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Inside the STTA - 6


Photo of Inside the STTA - 6

Inside the STTA - 6

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This is just another nice view of the DHS Rainbow table, and a shot of the background facing in the other direction. The watch on the table also reminds me that everybody who is playing on the table seems to remember for themselves when their time is up, and they move on. No need for the duty person to have to chase players off the table all the time!

I must admit I had a great time with my friends at the STTA. The tables and courts are good, and we managed to get on a spacious enough table for me to go back and chop a few in an attempt to get the kinks out of my defensive game. Some of the looks from the locals indicated that they hadn't seen a male chopper for a long time - or maybe a westerner who could actually play a little! But I got up a good sweat, and even managed to have a game or two with some of the local ladies (thanks Alice and co!). All in all, a lot of fun and very cheap too!

For those of you living or passing through Singapore, I'll just repeat the address of the STTA:

Singapore Table Tennis Association
297-C Lorong 6 Toa Payoh
Singapore 319389
Tel: 6354-1014 Fax: 6353-9109
For Enquiries and Feedback, please email tabletennis@stta.org.sg
Website: http://www.stta.org.sg/

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