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Barney Reed Jr


Photo of Barney Reed Jr

Barney Reed Jr in Action

Photo © 2007 Gerry Chua. More photos available at Gerry's website
Barney Reed Jr plays left handed, with a two winged looper style. Barney started playing table tennis at the age of two, hitting a ball attached to the ceiling with a string! He was the #1 ranked junior in the US in all age groups, and has travelled overseas many times for training and competition. Barney was also at the center of the 'Steroids for ping-pong' incident, where he was suspended for two years for steroid use (Barney disagrees with the decision, claiming he was taking Andro). Since coming back to the sport, Barney has continued to compete at a high level, and is hoping to be the first American table tennis player to win a medal at the Olympics.

Career Highlights - courtesy of the USATT website

  • 2006 Sacramento Summer Open Champion
  • 2004 Men's Doubles Finalist
  • 2004 Pac Rim Open Champion
  • 2003 Eastern Open and Macy Block Open Champion
  • 1998 U.S. Men's Doubles Champion
  • 1998 North American Men's Doubles Champion
Tahl's Take
30 years old. Very talented table tennis player. Great serves. 1998 National Men's Doubles Champion and North American champion. 5x USA Team member. Currently playing in the German league. Was the USA National Junior champion.

Additional background information courtesy of NorCal Table Tennis.

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