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Crystal Huang


Photo of Crystal Huang in action

Photo of Crystal Huang in Action

Photo © 2007 Gerry Chua. More photos available at Gerry's website
Yao Xi "Crystal" Huang is a left handed rpb penholder, using short pips on her forehand, and an inverted rubber on her rpb backhand.

Career Highlights - courtesy of the USATT website

  • 2004 & 2006 SoCal Women's Singles Champion, 2005 Runner-up
  • 2005 U.S. Women's Doubles Champion, Mixed Doubles Runner-up
  • 2005 U.S. Open Under 30 Women's Champion
  • 1990-92 Member of Hunan Province Team in China
  • 1993-98 Member of Dongguang City Team in China

Tahl's Take
Crystal is a left handed penhold player who uses the reverse backhand. She made the final of the US Nationals 2 years ago and came very close to taking the title. This year she won mixed doubles. Crystal is a great player to watch. She uses short pips on her forehand and plays a very nice game.

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