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Rants, Opinions and Ping-Pong Philosophy

Rants, opinions, and philosophical musings about the sport of table tennis, from your Guide to Table Tennis / Ping-Pong, Greg Letts.
  1. Video Game Concepts for TT (4)

Table Tennis Commentary
Promote ping-pong to the public by improving table tennis commentary.

Playing Juniors in Table Tennis - Kill or Be Kind?
Should you try your hardest against up and coming juniors, or let them feel competitive?

Is Table Tennis a Spectator Sport?
Is table tennis a spectator sport?

2012 ITTF AGM and BOD Minutes
The 2012 ITTF AGM and BOD minutes have been published, and Greg Letts, your Guide to Table Tennis / Ping-Pong, has spotted a few interesting details.

Protesting Against Plastic Ping-Pong Balls
Do you disagree with the ITTF's decision to introduce new plastic balls in July 2014 to replace the traditional celluloid table tennis ball? If so, why not sign the online petition protesting against the change?

Women's Table Tennis - Boring or Brilliant?
Is this long rally in women's table tennis boring or brilliant? What can we learn from this rally?

Doing Things Differently in Table Tennis
Is it a good idea to do things differently in table tennis?

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