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Read the Table Tennis Rules, Get Answers to Ping-Pong Rules Questions

Read the official table tennis rules and laws, and get answers to your ping-pong rules questions from a qualified table tennis umpire.
  1. The Laws of Table Tennis (14)
  2. Questions & Answers (31)
  3. Rules Quiz Questions (17)

Important Table Tennis Rules for Beginners
Important table tennis rules for beginners. Learn the ping-pong laws you need to know.

How to Serve Legally in Table Tennis / Ping-Pong
Learn how to serve legally in table tennis. The service rules explained, along with diagrams and video explanations.

How to Stop Your Table Tennis Opponent From Breaking the Rules
How to stop your table tennis opponent from breaking the rules during a match, without getting into a fight!

What Table Tennis Rules Would You Change?
What table tennis rule would you change if you had the chance? Greg Letts, your About.com Guide to Table Tennis / Ping-Pong, lists the laws of ping-pong that he would revise. How about you?

ITTF Handbook for Match Officials - 14th Edition - December 2010
The ITTF guide for match officials on the application of laws and regulations for table tennis. Courtesy www.ittf.com

ITTF Handbook for Match Officials 2010 (Kindle Version)
A Kindle version of the ITTF Handbook for Match Officials 2010.

ITTF List Authorised Racket Coverings No 31B (PDF Version)
A pdf version of the ITTF LARC No 31B - 1 January 2011 to 30 June 2011.

ITTF List Authorised Racket Coverings No 31B (Kindle Version)
The ITTF LARC for 1 January 2011 to 30 June 2011, in Kindle format.

Racket Coverings - Rubber ID Stamps (Kindle Version)
The full list of ITTF approved racket coverings and their Rubber ID stamps - for 1 January 2011 to 30 June 2011. This is a Kindle format document, and is around 6-7 MB in size.

ITTF Racket Coverings - Technical Leaflet T4
This leaflet sets out the current Laws and Regulations for table tennis racket coverings, defines some of the terms used, and lists some additional criteria for ITTF authorisation of racket coverings. Courtesy www.ittf.com

Drastic Answers to Difficult Problems
How to stop the Chinese dominance of table tennis. How to make serving simple and fair? How to get more prizemoney for tournaments? Here's some drastic answers to these difficult problems.

The Table Tennis Tee - A Way To Stop the Serving Cheats?
Can the use of a table tennis tee stop the serving cheats in ping-pong?

Performance Enhancing Drugs in Table Tennis
A look at performance enhancing drugs and their possible use by table tennis players.

Service Rule Suggestion
A service rule suggestion to fix the problems with the current ITTF service laws.

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