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Spin in Table Tennis/ Ping-Pong - How Does it Work and How do You Create it?


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Sidespin - How does it Work?
Diagram of Sidespin Force Direction

Sidespin Force Direction

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When sidespin is applied, the force on the ball will be parallel to the ground and towards the left or right side. The ball will drop at the same speed as a no-spin ball, but it will curve to the left or the right in the air.

Sidespin can be combined with either topspin or backspin to produce a moving ball that is acted on by a combination of both forces. A ball with topspin and sidespin will drop faster and curve to the left or right, while a ball with backspin and sidespin will tend to drop slowly and curve at the same time. It's not possible to put both types of sidespin on the ball, or topspin and backspin at the same time (if you can, please let me know how!).

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