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DHS T1223 Table Tennis Table - Review


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DHS T1223 Table Tennis Table - Review
DHS T1223 Table Tennis Table

Front View - DHS T1223 Table Tennis Table

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DHS are well known as manufacturers of high quality table tennis tables, but strangely enough I couldn't remember the last time I had played on one their tables - it must have been years ago. So when I discovered that the 2012 Australian Open would be using brand new DHS T1223 tables for the week long competition, I was quite looking forward to seeing what the latest offerings from DHS are like.

The DHS T1223 (also known as the DHS Supreme Pro) are in the mid-range of DHS's models, being priced at around $1300 US. They are full international quality tables, as you can see from the specifications below, which I found on the DHS America website.


  • 22 mm edgebanded top
  • 2” square steel legs
  • 2” x 1” steel support apron
  • 4” casters with ball bearings with brakes
  • Height adjustment devices on outside legs
  • Fold-up and storage position
  • Comes with posts and net
Size: 1850 x 1740 x 400 mm
Weight: 145 kg (320 lb)

Overall Conclusion

The DHS T1223 is a fine table tennis table, offering excellent playing characteristics at a reasonable price.

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