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View Table Tennis Tournament Results and Enter Upcoming Events

ITTF tournament results from the World Championships, European Championships, Pro Tour, by country and more. Also includes a schedule of upcoming events by country.
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Cardiff Open 2008 Table Tennis Satellite Grand Prix
Photos from the 2008 Cardiff Open Table Tennis competition, plus a writeup of Greg Letts experiences during the tournament.

Top of the Table - What Makes A Country Dominant at Table Tennis?
What makes a country like China dominant at table tennis on the world stage. And what can countries like the USA do to achieve status as a ping-pong power?

Playing in the Chinese Table Tennis Leagues
Guest author Scott Houston writes about his experiences playing table tennis in the Chinese Table Tennis Leagues.

World Title Shots in Table Tennis
Should table tennis adopt a world title shot system?

Does the Swiss System get a Green Tick or a Red Cross?
Is the Swiss System a good alternative to the knockout and round robin systems for table tennis tournaments?

A Practical Demonstration of the Swiss System for Table Tennis Competitions
A practical demonstration of the Swiss System for table tennis competitions.

2011 New Zealand Veterans Open Championships
About.com Table Tennis / Ping-Pong Guide Greg Letts reports on his experiences at the 2011 New Zealand Veterans Open Championships held in Invercargill, from 21 - 25 April 2011.

2012 Australian Open Table Tennis Championships - Greg's Thoughts

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