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Beginner's Guide to Training - Overview


As a new player, you naturally want to improve as fast as possible - and that means doing some quality training. But what exactly is quality training? How much of it do you need? These are just some of the questions you will be asking yourself. To help you get going, I've compiled a number of training resources for you to study and apply.

Training for Beginners

Learn about how often and how long you should train, what type of training to do, warming up and cooling down, and the type of drills to use.

Table Tennis Training By Yourself

What are the best things you can do to improve your ping-pong when you don't have a partner handy?

How to Improve Your Table Tennis Without a Coach

What can you do to improve your ping-pong when you don't have a coach handy?

Table Tennis Drills - Degrees of Complexity

A more detailed look at how to correctly move from simple to advanced drills, one step at a time.

Table Tennis Drills - Plan to Be Random

Further explanation of the use of random elements in your table tennis drills.

Table Tennis Footwork for Beginners

A look at the ping-pong footwork basics, with explanations of what is good footwork, the basic ready position, rallying footwork, and serve and serve return footwork.

Should You Keep Your Eye on the Ball?

Believe it or not, you should not always keep your eye on the ball. Find out why here.

Table Tennis - How to Become a Success by Failing

We examine the need for making mistakes in a successful training program.

Table Tennis - Overcoming Problems

A simple 4-step procedure for dealing with your ping-pong problems.

Table Tennis - Getting Out of a Rut

Recommendations on how to lift your game when you find yourself getting stale.

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