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My name is Ben Larcombe. I'm a table tennis player, coach and blogger from London, and I'm here to be your guide. There are hundreds of brilliant articles here to help you go from table tennis novice to expert in no time at all. Please enjoy the site and if there is anyway I can help you specifically just leave a comment and I'll get back to you!

My Most Popular Articles
Table Tennis Spotlight10

Alternative Footwork Training with Omar Assar and Jorgen Persson

Here is a video of Omar Assar and Jorgen Persson training their footwork away from the table with a throwing and catching game.

4 Players to Watch in 2014/15

Marcos, aged 26, has been a steady climber on the ITTF ranking list over the last few years and I see no reason for this to stop!

How to Hit Harder

Use training and advice from boxing coaches to add power to your table tennis strokes. There is a lot we can learn from boxing.

A Brilliant Irregular Switching Drill

Don't get stuck knocking up diagonally once you have mastered a stroke. Instead challenge yourself with some irregular switching drills instead.

Attacking the Middle

Basic tactics can be the difference between winning and losing. Here we look at playing into your opponents crossover point and attacking the middle.

Dima Ovtcharov: The Future of Table Tennis

Dima Ovtcharov, the young German table tennis star, is crushing it both on and off the table at the moment. He is currently the best player in Europe.

Stop Pushing!

We have a problem; we push too much. If we want to improve and succeed at a highly level we need to stop pushing and start playing more aggressively.

The World's Top 8 Table Tennis Leagues

I look at the strongest domestic table tennis league across the world of club table tennis. The Chinese Super League wins hands down.

Ibrahim Hamato: The Armless Table Tennis Player

Ibrahim Hamato is surely the most inspirational table tennis player ever, having taught himself how to play with his mouth after losing both arms.

Ibrahim Hamato: The Armless Table Tennis Player

Ibrahim Hamato is a table tennis player from Egypt without arms.

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