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Basement Ping-Pong Backhand Counterhit


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Middle of Follow Through
Photo of Basement Ping-Pong Backhand Counterhit - Middle of Follow Through

Middle of Follow Through

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The ball is on its way towards the opponent, and the player is in the middle of his follow through.

Points to look for:

  • Although in the forehand counterhit the free arm is moved in sync with the playing arm, in the backhand counterhit the free arm remains still, and is not lifted in sync with the playing arm, since there is no turning or twisting of the body to counterbalance.
  • The racket is continuing to move forwards and upwards, and is starting to move to the right as the player allows his forearm to rotate naturally around his elbow. The intention is to swing straight forward through the ball in the desired swing path for as long as comfortably possible, before the swing naturally starts to turn to the right of the player.
  • The elbow is also lifting a little, partly due to the force of the upward swing, and partly because the player is straightening his legs and upper body a little during the follow through.

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