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Table Tennis Basic Strokes - The Forehand Counterhit


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End of Backswing
Photo of Forehand Counterhit - End of Backswing

End of Backswing

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The ball is about to bounce on the table, and the backswing has finished.

Points to look for:

  • Much of the bodyweight has been transferred onto the right leg. This will allow the player to turn his hips, waist and shoulders to the right and then back to the left without losing balance.
  • The left and right arms are around shoulder width apart, but they are now pointing in parallel to the end of the table. Notice that the shoulders have turned more than the hips and waist.
  • The right shoulder has dipped slightly, so that the left hand is slightly higher than the right hand. The right hand is at a height that is a little lower than the expected maximum height of the bounce of the ball.
  • The head has turned to allow the player to keep watching the ball comfortably and closely.

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