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Table Tennis Basic Strokes - Backhand Loop Against Push


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Middle of Backswing
Photo of Backhand Loop vs Push - Middle of Backswing

Middle of Backswing

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The ball is coming to the backhand side and the decision has been made to play a backhand loop. The backswing begins the stroke.

Points to look for:

  • The bodyweight of the player is evenly distributed between both legs.
  • The hips, waist and shoulders have not begun to turn yet, although the player has crouched a little more, to allow more lifting of the ball during the stroke.
  • The head is facing forward watching the ball.
  • The bat has only moved slightly backwards at this point. The amount that the bat moves backwards will vary from player to player, and will also be affected by the amount of power the stroke is hit with.
  • The left arm has not moved significantly, and will not do so throughout the stroke. Since very little weight is shifting, it is not required to move it for balance, and it is better left in the same position.

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