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Exploiting the Wide Forehand Table Tennis/Ping-Pong Tactic


In table tennis, many new players (and some experienced players as well!) get carried away with trying to hit the ball with more and more power. And while hitting a super-fast forehand loop through your opponent's guard can be a thrill, when playing higher level opponents blindly hitting the ball hard without giving much thought to placement can actually lead to less winners (and a lost match!).

In this article I'll be examining the downside of hitting without a plan, and then I'll discuss how intelligent use of ball placement can create more opportunities for hitting winners and winning games.

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Diagram of Poor Ball Placement - End to End PlayBad Ball Placement in Table TennisDiagram of Good Ball Placement to the Wide ForehandWide Forehand - Good Ball Placement 1Diagram of the Wide Forehand - Good Ball Placement 2Wide Forehand - Good Ball Placement 2
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