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USATT's 75th Anniversary 1933-2008

Back to the future... the USATT in 2033



Happy Birthday USATT!

USATT Logo by courtesy www.usatt.org
The USATT turns 75 in 2008. Greg Letts, your Guide to Table Tennis / Ping-Pong, polishes his crystal ping-pong ball to predict what the USATT's 100th Anniversary might bring.

"In hindsight, it was obvious," muses USATT President Tahl Leibovitz. "It was silly of us to try to beat the Chinese and the Europeans at their own game. Instead, we needed to capitalize on the natural strengths of the USA in ping-pong – innovation and technology. Just as our finger spinners of the 1930's and the Seemillers in the 1970's innovated their way to the top, it would be American ingenuity that would pave our way to table tennis triumph".

And innovate they did – a process started 25 years ago by the great USATT Board of 2008 – now known as the Table Tennis Techies Board. The Techies Board and its successors were responsible for a number of major initiatives, which paved the way for the USA's domination of world table tennis today in 2033. Highlights of this climb to ping-pong power include:

  • The 2010 "PC's in Ping-Pong" program which used computer analysis to determine the most efficient strokes for each situation in a rally.

  • The 2013 "Gravity is Your Friend" study which used pressure plates to determine the most biometrically efficient stance for different body types and differing styles.

  • The 2015 "Genie in a Bottle" campaign, where mothers-to-be around the USA lined up to get their children tested to see if they had the perfect table tennis genes. This long term program has really started to bear fruit today, as USA lab picked players now dominate the pick of China’s 'ping-pong by weight of numbers' strategy.

  • The 2018 "Video Victory" virtual reality program which allowed table tennis players to practice against each other over the Internet while being anywhere in the US.

  • The 2021 "Fatal Attraction" magnetic chamber which used metal bats and magnetic fields to allow players to groove strokes by preventing their bat from moving in an incorrect swing path.

  • The 2026 "Stats for Bats" where the cream of baseball and NFL statisticians were poached to provide real time stat analysis for USA coaches in World Championships and the Olympic Games.

  • The 2029 "Rubber Sole" program, sponsored by Rebike, where the USA table tennis players’ shoes were composed of especially elastic space age technology which provided more rebound and increased the court coverage of players by 25%.

  • The 2033 "Patriot Ping-Pong" declaration by KillerSpin, where only USA players were able to access the latest in table tennis rubbers, which were so sticky the ball could be caught on the rubber, allowing it to be flicked off at will onto the opponent’s court.
Elder statesman Leibovitz assures me that the USATT have number of plans in the pipeline to keep USA ping-pong players ahead of the pack. So despite the efforts to catch up from other countries around the world, USA innovation and technology should keep our table tennis players on top of the world.

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