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Advanced Players Guide To Table Tennis / Ping-Pong


Get help and advice on all advanced aspects of the sport of table tennis, including choosing and upgrading custom equipment that suits your playing style, high level training and competition tips, mental and physical training routines and drills, tracking your progress, scouting your opposition, and how to win in table tennis tournaments.
  1. Becoming an Advanced Player
  2. Advanced Equipment Advice
  3. Training - General
  4. Improve Your Basic Strokes
  5. Learn the Advanced Strokes
  6. Physical Conditioning / Footwork / Drills
  1. Mental Training
  2. Training By Yourself
  3. Tournament Preparation
  4. Competition Tactics
  5. Videos / Photo Gallery
  6. 2008 Olympic Games

Becoming an Advanced Player

Ma Lin, Photo by Ayoade Ademakinwa, by courtesy of the ITTF

Congratulations! You've made it out of the basement and into serious competition. But do you have what it takes to become a top table tennis player?

Advanced Equipment Advice

Table Tennis Equipment

Better players use better equipment - that's undeniable. But they don't always use the fastest, spinniest, or most expensive gear. Which equipment is right for your style? How do you use it properly? And how to do you learn to handle your opponent's rubbers? The answers are right here.

Training - General

Photo of table tennis training session

To improve as fast as possible, you'll need a training plan that's customized to your own needs. Here's a number of general training tips that will help you get on the right track and avoid training dead-ends.

Improve Your Basic Strokes

While the advanced strokes are fun to play, and the pros make them look easy, remember that every elite table tennis player has spent many hours building a solid foundation of the basics. Take the time to polish up your fundamentals before moving on to the sexy strokes - you won't be sorry!

Learn the Advanced Strokes

Kim Taek Soo - table tennis player

You've pounded away on your ping-pong fundamentals, and brushed up on your basics. Now you are finally ready to add the advanced strokes of table tennis to your arsenal of weapons. Get ready to learn how to loop, lob, chop, serve and return serve with the best of them!

Physical Conditioning / Footwork / Drills

It doesn't matter if you have the best table tennis techniqe in the world if you can't get to the ball to hit it in the first place! Fitness is important, but do you have to pound the pavements and circle the court until you get dizzy and burnt-out? Is there an easy way to get fit for ping-pong?

Mental Training

The mental side of table tennis is considered to be vital by almost all top players, but the thinking aspects of ping-pong are often ignored in favor of more physical training and technique work. Want to get an advantage over your opposition? Time to harness the power of your mind!

Training By Yourself

Photo of Butterfly Amicus 3000 Table Tennis Robot

While a good training partner or two is invaluable, there is still a lot you can do on own your own to help improve your table tennis game. Don't underestimate the power of one!

Tournament Preparation

Failing to plan is planning to fail - so the saying goes. If you want to play your best table tennis in competition, it makes sense to prepare thoroughly for battle. It's what you do before you step on the court that will determine whether you are ready to perform at your ping-pong peak.

Competition Tactics

Diagram of Table Tennis Tactics Explanation

On the court is where the rubber meets the road - er, ball! Facing an opponent who is a mere 9 feet away across the table is the nearest thing you'll get to combat in a non-contact sport. Here's some tactics and tips from a battle-scarred veteran of competition that might just help you survive and conquer.

Videos / Photo Gallery


You can learn a lot from watching and copying the best players in the business. Look and learn from this collection of table tennis videos and action photographs of top ping-pong players.

2008 Olympic Games

Photo of Jan-Ove Waldner vs Liu Guoliang

Everything related to table tennis at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

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