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Dr. Neubauer Domination Table Tennis Rubber Review


Dr. Neubauer Domination Table Tennis Rubber - Cover

Dr. Neubauer Domination Table Tennis Rubber

Scan from Cover Owned by Greg Letts
I was first encouraged to try Dr. Neubauer Domination inverted table tennis rubber by Australian defensive legend Paul Pinkewich. I was quite happy with my current rubber at the time (Joola Tango Defensive), and put off giving Domination a try until many months later, when I had finally gotten fed up with the tendency of Tango to bubble up in the middle of the rubber.

Rubber Specifications

I ordered some red Domination in 1.5mm sponge thickness, which was the thickness suggested by Paul. I put in on the forehand side of my blade, which is a Timo Boll Spirit with a straight handle. On the backhand side I have Stiga Destroyer long pimpled rubber.

As a defensive player, I am looking for an inverted rubber that has excellent control when chopping the ball, allowing wide spin variation, while retaining enough zip to trouble my opponents when I counterattack. Could Domination meet both of these goals?


Offensive Thoughts
In my own opinion, yes, it can. The first thing I noticed about Domination is that it had more attacking firepower than the Tango Defensive, while still giving me good feel. True, the sponge is 0.3mm thicker, but I don't think the difference is all in the sponge. I could definitely notice an improvement in pace and zip when looping, while my loops seemed to be just as spinny as before. So I was more than happy with Domination from an offensive viewpoint.

Defensive Thoughts
But what about defensively? Surely a faster rubber would lose some control when chopping against a heavy loop? After all, you don't get something for nothing, right?

In this case though, I believe you just might. I actually found that I had more control chopping with Domination, and my spin variation has improved as well, since it is much easier to chop the ball with heavier backspin than before. Blocking the ball is just as easy as it used to be, with the bonus of a bit of extra pace.

Domination lasts pretty well - I've been using it on my two main bats for around 6-10 hours a week for the last three months, and it still feels good. Given that I swap between my bats each session, that's around 3-5 hours a week for about 12 weeks - say 40-60 hours. I believe I can get another month or so with no problems, so I've got no complaints about how long it lasts.

The rubber has also survived a couple of collisions with the endline of the table, and doesn't seem to have the tendency to chip around the edges that plague many of the tensor rubbers out there. So a big thumbs up for toughness as well.


I haven't found anything yet that I really dislike about this rubber, except maybe the price tag - it's not cheap! I had to hunt around on the Internet quite a bit before a found a good special that made the price more reasonable. Buying at full price of around 33 Euros or $42 US can definitely slug you in the old hip pocket. So my advice is to wait for a special offer and stock up.


As you can probably tell from this review, I like Dr. Neubauer Domination a lot, and I'll continue to use it for the foreseeable future. But is it the rubber for you?

I'd highly recommend the 1.5mm rubber to any defensive player who wants good control and spin variation when chopping and pushing, while still being able to produce some nippy pace and heavy spin offensively. More defensive players who don't attack as much might want to try the 1.2mm sponge version, which should have even better control at the expense of a little offensive firepower.

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