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Butterfly Tackiness Chop Ping-Pong Rubber Review


Player Level and Style

Combination bat player with long pips on the backhand - 2000+ USATT level. Used on a Butterfly Matsushita Pro Special blade, and a Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit blade.

Rubber Reviewed

Butterfly Tackiness Chop inverted rubber, Red, with 1.0mm sponge.


Tackiness Chop is THE classic rubber for defensive players. It's responsible for more cuts than paper.

Who Will Like It

Control freaks who want maximum touch when pushing or chopping. Anybody who wants more backspin revs than a Indi-500 event.

Who Will Hate It

Pretty much anybody who wants to put some pace on the ball.

Marketing Claim

Tackiness Chop is the grippiest rubber in the Butterfly range, producing the widest spin variation.
Its top surface is soft while the sponge is of medium hardness and flexibility. This amazingly tacky rubber enables you, when defending, to slice down a powerdrive ball still at its bounce's height close to the table. When you serve or return a serve, you can make full use of Tackiness Chop's high frictional power.


As you can see above, Butterfly claim that this an amazingly tacky rubber. While the surface is definitely grippy, it's not all that tacky compared to many of the Chinese rubbers out there. And forget about the sponge being medium hardness - it ain't! More like antispin sponge if you ask me - shock absorbing stuff. The top surface is pretty soft though. This rubber first came out in the 1980s, so perhaps Butterfly hasn't bothered updating its marketing claim since then.

Playing Impressions

I tried the Tackiness Chop on both a Butterfly Matsushita Pro Special blade (a defensive blade), and a Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit blade (an offensive blade). My impressions remained pretty much the same regardless of which blade the Tackiness Chop was on - and that is as follows:
  • Firstly, the control is very, very good. On the Matsushita blade, I felt like I could virtually reach out and place the ball where I wanted. On the faster Boll Spirit, the control was still better than anything else I've used, limited by the livelier nature of the blade. Spin variation between float and heavy spin was a breeze, simply because I had so much control of the ball, I could use the full range of spins without affecting my placement. You pretty much can chop down a power loop at the top of its bounce, so I'll give Butterfly that one.

  • Secondly, this stuff is SLOOOOOWWWWW. I really, really mean it. The main problem I had when trying Tackiness Chop was that the rubber is so slow, the ball was reaching its peak height way before the net, and then dropping down into the net! Once I adjusted to that, I was OK. Oh yeah, if you like your inverted rubber to be faster than your long pips, then you might want to use thicker sponge - 1.5mm upwards. The 1.0mm sponge I was using was actually slower than the no sponge long pips I was using on the backhand, which was a first for me, and very weird for a while there.
Counterhitting and looping was OK, consistent but not fast, as expected. It didn't feel strange or anything, the ball just went very slowly. Blocking was alright as well - I thought the ball might jump off the bat a bit, but I had no problems, although hitting the wood so early due to the thin sponge felt a little bit strange.


So overall the Tackiness Chop is a great defensive rubber, right? Yes and no. Its not the rubber for me - although I had excellent control and great spin variation, the pace of the ball when I hit it was so slow, it was very difficult for me to put pressure on my opponent. I just couldn't get the ball there fast enough to hurry my opposition at all. They seemed to have ample time to move into position and stroke the ball. I had to rely solely on spin variation (of which I had plenty!) to win points.

However, I can now see why Tackiness Chop has been a defensive favorite for years for all those traditional defenders and pushers. It has great control and spin variation, with decent (if slow) attacking capabilities. So if you need a rubber that will allow you to control strong loops, vary the spin, and chop the living daylights out of the ball whenever you feel like it, and you don't care about the pace of the rubber, Tackiness Chop is for you. If you want to be able to pressure and contain your opponent with a bit more pace on your pushes and chops (like me), then go for something like Dr. Neubauer Domination or Joola Tango Defensive instead.

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